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Causes of vibration, noise and resonance and measures to deal with them
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Causes of vibration, noise and resonance and measures to deal with them

(Summary description)

Causes of vibration, noise and resonance and measures to deal with them

(Summary description)

Reasons Measures
1. The noise and vibration of the pump resonates in the piping and tank, etc. •  Use hoses at the inlet and outlet of the pump. •  Do not mount the pump on the tank, but mount the motor and pump on a common base, separate from the tank. •  Switch to a large pump and replace the 4-pole motor with a 6-pole motor. •  Add anti-vibration material between the base of the pump and the oil tank.
2. Spring resonance of more than two sets of valves (e.g., relief and relief valves, relief and sequence valves, relief and check valves for tank lines). •  Stagger the spring's tuning value. •  Change the stiffness of the spring on one side. •  Make the relief valve an external oil drain. •  Adopt a remote-controlled relief valve.
3. Valve springs and air vibrations (e.g., air for relief valves and discharge lines, check valves and air, pressure compensation devices and air for variable pumps). Completely remove air from the circuit. Do not operate by increasing the pressure until the air has been exhausted. Special attention should be paid to the method of venting for closed circuits.
4. Valve spring and pipe resonance. •  Change the stiffness of the spring. •  Change the length, thickness, material and thickness of the pipe. •  Add brackets to keep the pipe from vibrating. •  Install a throttle valve in some of the pipelines.
5. Cylinder vibrates due to the presence of air. •  Bleed air. •  Especially for cylinders that are not oiled on one side, the piston and seal gasket should be coated with greasy molybdenum disulfide.
6. The noise of oil overflow in the pipeline. •  Thicken the pipe so that the flow rate does not exceed the specified value. •  Use bends instead of elbow joints. •  Use hoses. •  oil flow turbulence without L or T-shaped such as elbows or tee. •  use silencers and accumulators etc.
7. The fuel tank has a resonant sound. •  Thicken the top plate. •  Add reinforcements to the side and bottom plates. •  Change the shape or location of the return tube ends.
8. The slide valve has a reversing audio. •  Reduce the control pressure of the commutation. •  Throttle the control line or drain line. •  Change operation and wait until pressure is reduced before switching. •  Specify time differences so that more than two valves cannot be reversed at the same time. •  Change the valve or line to prevent drastic pressure changes during commutation.
9. The pipeline vibration and noise caused by poor operation of the automatic pressure changeover valve, unloading valve, liquid-controlled check valve or balance valve. •  Fit a properly fitted throttle valve. •  Change to external drain form. •  Re-check the circuit.

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