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Flow control valve troubleshooting
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Flow control valve troubleshooting

(Summary description)

Flow control valve troubleshooting

(Summary description)

Failure Reasons Treatment
Pressure compensation device not working properly •  The piston is clogged with dust. •  Sleeve small hole clogged. •  Inlet and outlet pressure difference is too small. Disassembled for cleaning. Remove for cleaning. Use more than the specified pressure differential.
Flow adjustment shaft (round shaft with eccentric groove) does not work •  The adjusting shaft is clogged with ash. •  The secondary pressure is too high when using the throttling method in the oil inlet circuit. •  In the scale range below the opening point, the primary pressure is high. Remove for removal. Lower the pressure and then investigate. Do not use a parameter that is lower than the minimum regulated flow rate specified in the product, lower the pressure and adjust again.
Rising dial (no such fault in the non-external oil drain form) •  Drain line clogged. •  Oil drain hole has back pressure. Clean the clogged line and separate it from the drain lines of the other valves. When the oil tank is higher than the valve, use a non-discharge type valve when there is a drop pressure head.

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