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Six degrees of freedom control system
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Six degrees of freedom control system

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1. System Configuration:
Industrial Control Machine>>Motion Control Card>>Six Free Motion Platform>>Simulation Device
2. Main features:
Industrial Standard Design and Manufacturing
6-axis parallel telescopic joint, AC servo motor drive
Structural stability;
Large carrying capacity;
High kinematic precision and low load;
Electrical standard interface reserved;
Can be customized according to customer needs, personalized design
3. Structure of the Platform:
The six-degree-of-freedom stage is a high-tech product integrating mechanical, electrical, computer and automatic control technology. The six-degree-of-freedom platform is composed of six cylinders, six universal hinges at the top and bottom, and two platforms at the top and bottom. The lower platform is fixed on the foundation, with the help of six electric cylinders telescopic movement, it can realize the movement along the X, Y, Z axis and the rotation around the X, Y, Z axis. Therefore, the platform can simulate the motion of a rigid body in space. The six-degree of freedom platform developed by our company has two power modes: electric and hydraulic. Full electric drive hydraulic platform power supply voltage for AC220V. Full electric drive is generally servo motor - ball screw as expansion drive system. Although the all-electric drive is smaller than the liquid electric drive load capacity, the motion impact is larger, but its system response is faster, with faster speed and acceleration. The six-degree-of-freedom hydraulic servo stage with ball hinges has obtained utility model patent: ZL200420019285.5. The hydraulic power source is powerful, and the action is relatively smooth, and the simulation is more realistic. The response is sensitive, stable and reliable, and at the same time put an end to problems such as oil pollution of hydraulic power leakage.
4. Platform Applications
Simulation platforms are gradually being used in a wide range of applications, such as flight simulators, vehicle driving simulators, wave simulators, multi-degree-of-freedom vibration shakers, and motion picture shakers.
Disc Simulator                                      Car Driving Simulator
Flight Simulator                                            Special Vehicle Simulation
5, Six degrees of freedom control cabinet:
IPC Control
The industrial computer is used to input the target position of the simulation platform, such as the spatial position of the center point X, Y, Z and the angle α, β, γ into the computer, the computer will automatically calculate the target displacement of each servo cylinder, and the controller will reach the target attitude of the simulation platform through the closed-loop position with the speed set by the user. Figure 12 is the industrial control block diagram, in order to meet the requirements of the rapid movement of the simulation platform, the system can choose high-performance servo motion controller.
The controller can be used as a high performance servo motion controller to meet the rapid motion requirements of the analog platform.
Servo Motion Controller is the core of the control system of the analog table, it is a high-performance closed-loop real-time control, integrated high-speed analog acquisition, high-speed floating-point processor, high-speed DA port, is a dedicated controller for sfaward platform applications.
The servo motion controller consists of six relatively independent control loops, for each loop consists of position control closed loop, it and linear displacement sensor, servo proportional valve and servo cylinder to form a fast speed precision digital closed loop control system, so that the servo cylinder control steady-state error is less than 0.1 mm.
6、Qualifications and Honors:
The “six-degree-of-freedom servo platform device”independently researched and developed by the company was approved by the National Patent Office in February 2005 with patent number ZL 2004 2 0019285.5, and during the same period, the project was recognized as a high-tech achievement transformation project by the Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Service Center Project Accreditation Office. Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Service Center “One-door type ”Service of the relevant departments according to the requirements of the Shanghai government issued [2000] No. 55 document, accept matters related to the enjoyment of preferential policies, won the second prize of excellent new products.
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