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In 2003, Shanghai Kexian International Trade Co., Ltd. was established in order to cooperate with the business in the international market, mainly engaged in the import and export business of mechanical and electrical products.
In 2004, in order to strengthen the research and development of electro-hydraulic servo products, Shanghai Kefu Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. was established, and Shanghai Kexian Electro-hydraulic Servo Technology Research Institute was established in cooperation with aerospace universities.
In 2007, the subordinate enterprises of Kexian group were integrated and officially established Kexian group, namely Shanghai Kexian enterprise development (Group) Co., Ltd.
In 2009, in order to further develop, the group established Anhui Kexian Hydraulic Co., Ltd. and Xi'an Kexian Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., and Anhui Kexian Hydraulic Co., Ltd. and Hefei University of technology established a research base of production, teaching and research.
In 2010, the company established Anhui kaiski automation equipment Co., Ltd. in order to cooperate with the business in Anhui.
In 2012, the combination of high-tech industry and cultural creative industry has become a trend. Shanghai keying Dynamic Technology Co., Ltd. is born in response to the situation, focusing on providing professional digital three-dimensional services and solutions for customers. It is one of the most powerful developers and suppliers of special effects cinema system in China.
In 2018, according to the development needs of the company, Shanghai Renhua hydraulic complete set Co., Ltd. was renamed as Shanghai Shizhen hydraulic complete set equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd

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